GPS Tracking for Executive Transportation Services

Route planning is an essential part of executive transportation services, and GPS tracking technology is the most efficient way to ensure that drivers are taking the right route. GPS tracking solutions, such as Skypatrol hardware and software, make it easy to monitor vehicles, track and improve driver performance, and much more. A GPS tracking device is a portable unit that allows users to monitor and track their location. These devices are most commonly used in vehicles as car tracking systems. GPS tracking systems are used by companies in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries.

Companies of all sizes, with fleets of 1 to thousands of vehicles, rely on their tracking systems to increase their profitability. GPS tracking systems consist of a device installed in the vehicle, a central server and software for the owner to access information. All GPS tracking devices use satellite constellation data from the United States Government's Global Positioning System to determine the location, speed, and direction of travel of a vehicle. The central server makes the tracking data available to the system owner via the Internet. The owner logs in to the tracking company's secure web server and sees their vehicle data on a map and in the form of text.

Some tracking companies make the data available for download, so that the owner can archive it on his own computer. This allows companies to compare drivers' overtime requests with system reports on driver activity, record personal vehicle use outside working hours or on weekends. Buyers say they get their investment back in an average of six to 12 months by reducing expenses and improving productivity. While some users recover their entire investment in one fell swoop by recovering a stolen vehicle, most users receive reimbursement more gradually. In addition to saving time and money when tracking drivers, GPS tracking also has financial benefits for payroll and insurance rates. Tracking drivers and routes can help manage timesheets and thefts and can reduce payroll costs.

In addition, some insurance providers offer discounts to transportation companies that use GPS tracking to monitor employees and company vehicles. A number of industries can benefit from commercial GPS tracking, including field services, logistics and transportation. Companies can use it to monitor their cars, plan routes and dispatch drivers more efficiently, in addition to providing better customer service. Observing driver behavior and sending alerts about risky driving habits can increase safety. Commercial GPS tracking is valuable for companies trying to increase productivity and reduce costs. Business owners that rent limousines for parties or executive transportation to the airport will be able to track the location of the vehicle to ensure productivity and time management.

This will help them save time and money while providing better customer service.

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