Age Restrictions for Executive Transportation Services

When it comes to executive transportation services, there are no age restrictions imposed by the State. However, for safety reasons, Carey does not provide child safety seats or booster seats. Customers can provide and install their own safety seats or lifts for children. Executive Limousine Service, your luxury car service provider on Long Island, takes child safety seriously and believes that the lack of age restrictions is an obvious oversight that puts its children at risk. Garage-to-garage charges are calculated by applying the applicable hourly rate starting from the time the driver leaves the garage to start the service and until the time the driver completes the service and returns to the garage. Premiere Transportation is certified by the United States Department of Defense to provide transportation to the military at any given time.

We offer a variety of services, from airport transportation to corporate transportation, limousine service for proms, weddings and nights on the town, bachelor parties, sporting events and more.

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