Do Executive Transportation Services Charge for Waiting Time?

Executive Car Service offers an hourly rate for all other services based on a minimum charge of two hours.

Executive Transportation

Group reserves the right to cancel a trip, at no cost to the customer, due to severe weather conditions or mechanical problems with the reservation vehicle. Point-to-point transfer rates are available for local pickups and returns in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. Executive Car Service also offers a fixed rate for most transfers and transfers to and from LAX and John Wayne airports.

If you need child seats, bring an animal for the trip, request Wi-Fi service or request additional services, such as welcome service, special requests or additional stops, there may be additional charges. Executive Car Service cannot assume responsibility for the handling or maintenance of any luggage or other property, or for any property left in company vehicles. Executive Transportation Group is not responsible for customer expenses resulting from mechanical faults, adverse weather conditions, or traffic. Anyone with hearing impairment, totally or partially blind, or physically disabled who travels in any Carey vehicle can be accompanied by a service animal, without having to pay an additional fee for the service animal. Executive Car Service and its drivers always prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in the arrival time.

While there are no regulations governing the use of drivers, know that Executive Transportation drivers have undergone background checks, extensive and ongoing training, and operate to the highest industry standards. Executive Car Service reserves the right to refuse to transport people who are under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, as well as people in a state of excessive drunkenness, in possession of firearms or dangerous substances of any kind, who are or may become reprehensible to other people, or if the driver feels threatened in any way. Garage-to-garage charges are calculated by applying the applicable hourly rate starting from the time the driver leaves the garage to start the service and until the time the driver completes the service and returns to the garage. In the event of a mechanical breakdown during the charter flight, SDC Executive Transportation will be responsible for making up for lost time on a mutually agreed date or for offering an appropriate discount or a refund for any inconvenience. Due to the additional service required, an additional 25% fee applies as soon as possible for same-day service. When it comes to executive transportation services, customers should be aware that any additional wait time (when accumulated) will be charged according to the vehicle's hourly rate.

Executive Car Service reserves the right to cancel a trip at no cost due to severe weather conditions or mechanical problems with the reservation vehicle. It is also important to note that Executive Car Service will not be responsible for any loss incurred by passengers as a result of an arrival time later than desired.

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