Do Executive Transportation Services Have Additional Charges for Luggage and Other Items?

When it comes to executive transportation services, there are additional charges for certain items such as child seats, animals, Wi-Fi service, and additional services like meeting and receiving. As for luggage, the consumer is not charged a fee for transporting a first documented suitcase, a second documented suitcase or a hand item at the time the ticket was purchased. This is due to the Full-Fare Rule, which states that air transport sellers cannot increase the rates of these items more than what existed at the time the consumer bought the plane ticket. In order to ensure that consumers are not taken advantage of, air transport sellers must publish information on the rates of ancillary services available to passengers who purchase air transport on their website. This includes increases in rates for ancillary services such as those related to checked baggage, hand luggage, early or improved seat assignment, pillows and blankets, and meals.

For entities that sell air transport by other means, such as the telephone, they must inform consumers about certain rates for ancillary services at the time of quoting a fare. The Department of Transportation has regulations in place that prohibit increasing the price of ancillary services. Furthermore, airlines must accurately display on their website the rate applicable to the consumer in order to change or cancel their reservation. When it comes to drivers for executive transportation services, there are no regulations governing their use. However, all drivers have undergone background checks and extensive and ongoing training to ensure they operate to the highest industry standards. The Department's current regulations on price increases in baggage fees and the related compliance policy ensure that the price of transporting a first documented suitcase, a second documented suitcase or a hand-held item does not increase after the purchase of the ticket and before the consumer has the opportunity to purchase luggage transport services. The Department also proposes requiring entities that advertise or sell air transportation to consumers in the United States to disclose, before purchasing a ticket, the rates for ancillary services that are fundamental to the consumer's purchase decision.

This proposal does not apply to tourist packages advertised or sold online by ticketing agencies if the air transport component is not finalized and the company offering the air transport at the time of booking is unknown. Overall, it is important for consumers to be aware of any additional charges when it comes to executive transportation services. The cost of certain ancillary services is important when choosing between air transportation options.

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